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The Foundation for African Empowerment (FAE)

P.O.Box 116,
Duluti, Arusha

Portavoz: Samwel Mfanga

+255 767 187299

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How we made the impossible possible for Mary

Sobre nosotros

The Foundation for African Empowerment (FAE)is a not-for-profit non govermental organisation dedicated to improving access to quality inclusive education and training for children and young people with disabilities in Tanzania. After Samwel Mfanga’s sister became disabled in 1991, she was unable to attend school. The story of his sister and other children and young people with disabilities in Tanzania who could not access school, inspired Samwel to end education exclusion for children and young people with disabilities and to found FAE.

With over 80% of children and young people with disabilities unable to attend school in Tanzania who are often living in poverty, we believe that by strengthening access to quality mainstream education and training, we go a long way towards improving quality of life and building a more inclusive, fair and just society. We work closely with schools, families, communities and development partners to help children and young people with disabilities reach their full potentials and thrive in their communities.

Our mission

We improve access to quality inclusive education and training for children and young people with disabilities in Tanzania by providing support services, awareness raising and advocacy.

Our vision for the next 5 Years:-

• Enabling over 10,000 children study in disability inclusive schools.
• Establishment of a model disability inclusive primary school.
• Capacity building for 100 young people with disabilities, 150 teachers and 140 teacher aides.
• Transforming learning infrastructure of 10 schools to become disability accessible.
• Changing negative attitudes and practices of at least 250,000 people towards children and young people with disabilities.

What We Do

• Improve school buildings and infrastructure:
Buildings and infrastructure in most schools in Tanzania are unsafe, inadequately equipped and inaccessible to children with disabilities. We are working hard to change this by supporting schools to improve school buildings and infrastructure to make them safe and disability-sensitive for the attainment of quality inclusive education. This includes creating sports and games facilities that are disability participative, so that all children can be included.

• Provide assistive learning devices and sponsorship:
We work closely with partners to identify and provide the most appropriate learning technologies, mobility devices and support to enable them to access education and remain at school. While children from the poorest families are provided with an education scholarship.

• Build young people, teachers, families and communities capacity:
In collaboration with other stakeholders, we address the existing challenges and barriers to disability inclusive education by strengthening teachers, families and communities’ capacity. This is through training an adequate number of teachers, empowering parents/caregivers of childen with disabilities, starting a network of businesses and possible future employers of people with disabilities and developing a resource team of community and school volunteers/disability support workers. The resource team are trained to provide help to children with disabilities at homes, as well as at schools. In doing so, negative attitudes towards the education of children with disabilities is expected to be dismantled over time. In collaboation with other partners, we also build the capacity of the young people with disabilities who have completed the age of compulsory education so that they can reach their full potentials, become self-reliant and thrive in thier communities.

• Expand awareness-raising and advocacy:
Through public awareness-raising and advocacy, we work alongside other stakeholders to ensure that children with disabilities can access education services and other services. We also ensure children are not excluded or discriminated against, but empowered to claim their rights from their families, communities and the society in general. We also promote awareness of the potential, abilities, talents and contributions of children with disabilities.


• Disability Inclusive Playground & Sports Development Program.
• Mobility and Assistive Learnig Devices Program.
• Young People, Teachers, Parents and Community Capacity Building Program.
• Classrooms Improvement and Construction Program.
• Children with Disabilities Education Sponsorship Program.
• Awareness Raising and Advocacy Program.

Samwel Mfanga is the Founder & Executive Director of the Foundation for African Empowerment (FAE).

On request we can offer other net participants overnight accommodation. We can also give advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.

Female students at a disability inclusive school
A child is smilling after receving a wheelchair
COVID 19 Response Initiative at Enjoro School
Jubilation at Tuvaila Primary Schol after a girl with disability graduated
Attending school brings happiness to children with special educational needs
Disability inclusive playground stimulates body, minds and senses of kids
Handover of the Goalball Field at Buigiri School for the Blind
Students with special educational needs in a classroom