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Forum for Nation Building (FNB) Nepal

Buddhanagar-10, New Baneshwor

Contact person: Nirmal Kumar Upreti

+977-01-4782957; +977-01-6200129 and


  • Human rights
  • Peace politics
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

Forum for Nation Building (FNB) Nepal is a non-profit making organization established in March, 2013 by youths of Nepal. FNB, Nepal is an association of diversified youths who have been working in the different professions that has direct and indirect connection on nation building process. Human rights, access to justice, rule of law, humanitarian support, youth and development are our core areas of our work.

FNB, Nepal drives through sustainable, cooperative, voluntary and synergetic initiatives for holistic development of the country.

FNB, Nepal foresees the holistic development of the country with dignified life of every individual.

Advanced, practical and sustainable government plans, policies and laws for holistic development of the country where every individual can enjoy dignified life with full enjoyment of human rights.

• To work for the protection and promotion of human rights, rule of law and peace.
• To support the poor, marginalized and vulnerable people for providing access to justice.
• To work for protection and promotion of rights of migrant workers and their family members.
• To work for the protection and promotion of rights of elderly people.
• To provide the space to youth intellectuals for the development of their knowledge and skills on nation building process.
• To liaise and contact with other national and international institutions sharing the same objectives, with a view to attain the organization's objectives.
• To liaise, cooperate and expand network with international youth organizations/associations and networks, for the advancement of overall law students.
• To perform remarkable functions that shall be helpful in areas of human rights, rule of law, justice and peace.
• To conduct programs supportive in various areas of overall nation building and development.

Our work:
• Migration and human trafficking: Migration school; Relief and rescue support; Legal aid
• Access to justice and human rights: Women and youth rights; Community mobile legal clinic for earthquake survivors; Community mobile clinic against domestic violence; Pro bono initiative; Legal education and awareness
• Humanitarian and emergency support: Rescue and relief support; Campaign against nuclear weapons
• Rule of law and democracy: Local government training; Advocacy and campaign
• Development and economic empowerment: Entrepreneurship development
• Research and publication

Nirmal Kumar Upreti is the Founding President of the Forum for Nation Building Nepal (FNB Nepal).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

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