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Luzern im Wandel - Transition Luzern

Sternmattstrasse 3
6003 Luzern

Contact person: Mario Stankovic

+41 (0)79 313 72 82


  • Alternative economy
  • Commune, community project
  • Environmental project
  • Overnight facilities
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

Lucerne in Change is a non-profit association founded in 2018 for innovative ways of living together in the region of Lucerne and central Switzerland. The association connects people, organizations and companies who want a simplified and thus sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle, self-sufficiency, healthy finances and a sustainable community. We are committed to solidarity and a a future-oriented, honest society.
The network today connects 26 organizations, projects and companies from the Lucerne region and is interested in other partners from the canton and central Switzerland.

Purpose of the association
• “Meeting and exchange platform”: Lucerne in Change is an exchange platform for people, groups, associations and companies who are committed to a sustainable society in their projects. Local cooperation gives us more opportunities and effectiveness to make our living spaces and lives freer and more sustainable.
• “Many little lights give us courage”: Lucerne in Change does public relations work for these causes and helps to make projects from the region more visible. These should encourage people to tackle the complex social challenges.
• “Constitutional mandate for sustainable development”: Lucerne in Change is a contact partner between the authorities and the public, for civil society workers from the region who help to implement the constitutional mandate for sustainable development.

• Lucerne in Transition networks those in our region who are committed to solidarity and a a future-oriented, honest society. Together we are working on the structural shortcomings to reduce the ecological, economic and social divisions in society.
• The collaboration of already active partners from the region has the potential to be an important lever for the necessary social change and to help solve complex social challenges.

• Permaculture: nature conservation; resilience; self-sufficiency; sustainable agriculture; urban-rural partnerships, vegetable co-operations; food waste
• Economy of the common good: supporting co-operations; social enterprise; decentralised management; open book management; beyond budgeting; reinventing organization, fair consumption
• Habitat: Zero waste, circular economy, housing cooperatives; collectives; neighbourhoods worth living in; alternative forms of organization; sociocracy; tiny houses; innovative forms of small housing; celebrating life
• Commons: The term commons refers to resources (code, knowledge, food, energy sources, water, land, time) that result from self-organized processes of joint need-oriented production, administration, maintenance and / or use (commoning). Commons are often located "beyond the market and the state", which means above all that other logics of action are dominant in commons contexts.
• Alternative educational offerings: Education empowers the children to perceive their resources and thereby encourages them. Education that promotes their creativity, interests and talents and creates space for learning and play. Children and adolescents should experience self-empowerment. They should learn meaningfully together and help shape the living space.
• Alternative health care: Holistic health and healing approaches
• Inner change: spirituality; mindfulness;

On request, we can offer overnight accommodation for other network participants. We can also provide advice, give a presentation, provide up-to-date specialist information and contacts in the field of our work.