Karos & Kambro

1209 Storey Street, Queenswood
0186 Pretoria

Ansprechpartner: Salome Combrink

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Über uns

Karos & Kambro is a Non Profit Youth Development Organisation operating on a national level in South Africa. The performing arts, nature, fun and adventure form part of this integrated skills development programme. The programme provides a behaviour change vehicle and helps to stimulate a healing and a transformation process in the lives of vulnerable youths.

Karos is the khoi word for blanket. The Karos symbolizes the warmth, protection and family that Karos & Kambro becomes to the youth-at-risk in South Africa. Kambro is the khoi name for a succulent plant that grows in dry desert areas. The Kambro symbolizes the hidden potential of young people in underprivileged areas – hidden like this plant under a dry and hopeless earth, but ready to be discovered and developed.

Our Vision is to provide a mechanism through the strategic development of the arts whereby disadvantaged youth are helped to become part of the reconstruction process in South Africa.

Our Mission is to use the power of theatre and positive life skills as a holistic and empowering process of transformation to help heal our youth at risk and to do community development.

What we do
Using the performing arts as our main tool, we restore and re-establish youth from disadvantaged communities. We do this by re-storying their lives through:
• Potential development
• Skills training
• Art-of-Life and Inspiration-for-Life programmes
• Environmental education
• Leadership training

We produce theatre productions with relevant social themes to create awareness of, educate on, and address social issues.
We establish professional drama groups as part of our enterprise development strategy.
We offer Entrepreneurship Skills, Work-for-a-Living and Job Readiness Programmes in partnership with Siyasebenza to ensure that youth and relevant communities have the best possible exit strategies to warrant meaningful employment.

We currently have projects in three provinces (Gauteng, North West and Western Cape) with the strategic planning to expand and cover all the provinces in SA.
Our target groups:
• Shelters for the homeless and orphanages
• Youth in Prison
• Vulnerable primary and high school children in the inner city, townships and rural areas
• Unemployed young adults
• Disadvantaged communities

Salomé Combrink is the Founder & CEO of Karos & Kambro.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of Youth development; Arts.