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SCOPE Foundation

P.O.BOX 123 - Jinja; Katende Road

Contact person: Daniel Twesige

+256786112878; +25659406543


  • Aid organization
  • Educational policy/project
  • Social policy/disabled persons
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About us

The nonprofit SCOPE Foundation, founded in 2016, is a grassroots organization responding to the need of a support structure for children with incarcerated parents in Uganda. Through the Protection, Empowerment and Advocacy (PEA) approach, we deliver services that aim at creating opportunities for these children to survive and thrive.

A society where children with an incarcerated parent/primary caregiver have unlimited and undeterred access to protection, provision, development and participation opportunities.

We labor to provide means through which children with incarcerated parents thrive and survive

• Prevention of abuse and violence against children: Through conducting awareness, and sensitization sessions aimed at educating community members, children and parents on how to create a supportive network and violence free environment.
• Education support: We help these children to stay in School by providing school fees and scholastic material as well conduting trainings and casual discussions with respective school administrators and teachers on how they can best support and serve these children for better academic achievement. We facilitate individual academic plans for struggling students, including daily tutoring, tests, P.L.E, U.C.E and U.A.C.E preparation
• Child Marriage and Teenage pregnancy prevention & SRHR: We are piloting a US award-winning and evidence based "above the waist" teenage pregnancy prevention program that empowers teenagers by helping them develop personal goals and aspirations, in addition to educating them about the value of delaying the onset of sex as well as educating them about the consequences of sexual activity. The model also provides opportunities for young people to explore their interests and develop talents, as well as improving academic skills, and providing employment experience. The Family Life and Sexuality Education (FLSE) Component of the program involves weekly comprehensive sexuality education sessions taught in an age appropriate fashion, emphasizing sexual literacy and abstainance.
• Household support: Training of caregivers in income generating activities; Conducting home-visits as a means of providing need based individualized support like counseling, parenting skills, Hygiene education, emergency supply of immediate needs like food, soap, medical care, among others; Training and sensitizing household members on inter-personal and social skills, stressing the need for family unity and cohes.
• Prison outreach: The Prison Outreach Program aims at preparing willing incarcerated persons for successful and safe re-entry to the community. The program focuses on behavioral change, positive decision making and personal management, as well as skills training for income generation.

Daniel Twesige is the Executive Director at the SCOPE Foundation.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

Relief food support to families with incarcerated parents
School Outreach on menstrual health, hygiene and teenage pregnancy prevention
Training care givers in Soybean Value addition
Supporting family of a prisoner during lockdown
Training caregivers of children with incarcerated parents in business skills
Food support and fruit tree seedlings
Support visits to families with incarcerated parents