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Fertile Environment for Imperishable Development

Chekereni - Arusha

Interlocuteur: James Thobias Mhoja

+255 769 965 06; +255 621 041 106

Les Thèmes

  • Organisation d'aide
  • Communauté, projet communal
  • Politique + projet d'éducation
  • Possibilité passer la nuit.
  • Bénévoles sont les bienvenus.

Qui sommes-nous

Fertile Environment for Imperishable Development (FEid) is a non-Profit Organization, founded in 2017 and registered in Tanzania.

To be a prominent Organization that promotes the conservation of the environment.

To Promote the conservation of the Environment

Our goal
We strives to stop environmental destruction, raise health standard of the people, increase conservation awareness and stop food waste in Tanzania society

• To promote effective solid waste management;
• To facilitate innovations that are geared towards elimination of processes and activities that are likely to endanger the environment;
• To promote sustainable utilization of natural resources;
• To increase knowledge and action by villagers with respect to their legal and human rights.
• Stimulate and promote community-based income generating activities aimed at reducing income poverty, which are conscious of the environmental impact.
• To village base paraprofessional development.
• To increase level of asset.
• To improve living conditions (cleanliness, use of tube-well and sanitary latrine, better housing)
• To increase the literacy rate through providing literacy and functional education to the illiterate target people.
• To make safety communication and sustainable environment.
• To provide relief and rehabilitation supports to the attacked people during natural calamities.
• To develop forestry for food, fuel and timber and to ensure ecological balance.
• To improve efficiency of partner organizations.
• To promoting the conservation of natural resources and the sustainable management of the environment.

• Social Forestry
• Non Formal and Formal Primary Environment conservation Education
• Water and Sanitation & Rural Infrastructure Improvement Project
• Agriculture
• Disaster Management

James Thobias Mhoja is the Executive Director of Fertile Environment for Imperishable Development (FEid).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

Planting trees activity in rural areas
pLANting activity
Raising conservation awareness
Life in village
Host family
In action activity of filling tubes
establishing tree nurseries practical training