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Volta Aid Foundation (VAF)

16 Togbe Tawiah Street

Contact person: Ashley Bulgarelli, Eric Botey

+233 20 844 2407


  • Aid organization
  • Educational policy/project
  • Social policy/disabled persons
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

Operating since February 2010, the Volta Aid Foundation is a registered non-government organisation at the municipal, regional and national levels in Ghana.
Volta Aid Foundation (VAF) is built around the fundamental belief that every person, in every corner of the globe, has the right to social advancement through education, knowledge and empowerment. From collaborating with local authorities to having strategic partnerships with other organisations – we work to achieve our shared objectives all for the benefit of the Volta Region.

Our mission is multi-pronged as we seek to:
• Impact the lives of fellow human beings by working in unison to teach, give and learn interchangeable skills and to leave footprints for those to follow in the future.
• Give hope by utilizing and committing resources to the development and support of local communities and in-need individuals.
• Educate and support the future leaders of Ghana through nurturing within the school environment, encouragement in the sphere of society and empowerment through knowledge.
• Educate communities, both urban and rural, and implement preventative-based education strategies targeting general first aid and the plethora of other deadly health issues.

Our three key projects uphold this vision to achieve positive change:
• Diabetes and hypertension outreaches: The aim of these outreaches is to increase awareness of diabetes and encourage regular screening, a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. Since 2011 VAF has undertaken countless outreaches in urban and rural communities throughout the Volta Region and screened over 10,000 people. Each outreach involves four key activities that are offered completely free of charge for those community members: Blood pressure testing, Blood sugar level testing, Diabetes, lifestyle and diet information, Referrals to the Ho Municipal Hospital Diabetes Ward with follow-up visits paid for by VAF
• Education sponsorship: Volta Aid Foundation offers educational sponsorships for those most in need. We have supported students across all levels of education and often combine the scholarship with family support which aims to strengthen the families ability to support their ongoing needs into the future. Our past scholarships have helped keep children in school and has led to acceptance into higher education courses and, ultimately, employment.
• Skills training program: Volta Aid Foundation is located in the heart of Ho in a purpose made building. This building is currently home to our social enterprise laundry business which is in its infancy but which will provide a vital income stream to fund our social projects, including the planned sewing skills training programs. However, the laundry itself is a social enterprise that has provided the employees with new skills that they can use for Volta Aid Foundation and into the future.
The sewing skills training program is still in the planning phase but the goal is to provide a sewing skills training centre where women can learn seam-stressing skills and ultimately obtain support to open their own business. Equipping women with income-generating skills is critical for developing healthy families, especially given the high rate of single parent families. Sewing is a great option for many young women who cannot pursue, or do not want to pursue, senior secondary school or formal tertiary studies as it gives them a tangible skill they can turn into a career.
We regularly undertake additional social projects with communities and individuals outside the scope of these three key areas. Some of these major projects have included:
• Mosquito net distribution to rural communities
• Provision of bunk beds, mattresses and mosquito nets for a children’s home and the construction of two additional bedrooms
• Installation of a 20-piece computer lab to the Adaklu-Ahunda Junior High School & a small computer lab at Sokode Primary School
• Road safety campaign resulting in speed humps being installed on a busy road with a school and a hospital
• Provided CPR training to all the Nurses in the Ho Municipal Hospital
• Oral health outreaches and workshops

Ashley Bulgarelli is the Founder & Director and Eric Botey is the Projects & Volunteers Coordinator of the Volta Aid Foundation (VAF).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.