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Light of Hope Youth Initiative-International (LOHYI)

Makueni Road, Masii Town
90100 Machakos

Contact person: Duncan Nzangi

+254 724 008904


  • Aid organization
  • Educational policy/project
  • Social policy/disabled persons

About us

Light of Hope Youth Initiative-International (LOHYI) is a small charity organization working to serve communities around Kenya. In partnership with County Government of Machakos through ministries of health, education, youth/gender affairs and vision 2030 with other stakeholders, civil societies, corporate and institutions to design mechanism to find solutions in different communities.
Light of Hope Youth Initiative started in 2013 as a Youth (self-help) Group which was later registered on May 2014, it then transformed to a Community Based Organization (C.B.O) on 8th February 2015 out of the need of expanding our working area for more impact to reach more underprivileged children in Machakos.
Light of Hope Youth Initiative mission is to nurture, empower and transform local young people, persons living with disability and women to be self-reliant, independent and crucial players in developing their communities.
Light of Hope Youth Initiative is run and managed by young people with a vision of ensuring the youth participate in developing their community, decision making and engage in public participation.
On 1st November 2016 LOHYI was registered as Non Governmental Organization, under the name Light Of Hope Youth Initiative International, with a mission of serving marginalized youth, women, adolescent girls and people living with disabilities (PWDs) around communities around Kenya.

To ensure inclusive, equitable quality education and skills, enhance healthy lives, promote economic empowerment and build effective and accountable leaders.

To have a generation of responsible and active citizens.

LOHYI has programs around five thematic areas:
• Education we focus with 3 projects:
Elimisha dada (which translates to educate a sister)
Inua Kaka (uplift boy child),
Mentorship and Life-skills.
• Economic Empowerment: Jitegemee (translates to self-dependence).
• Health: Boresha (translates to betterment pertaining)
• Climate Change: Linda Mtaa yangu (Translates to Protect my community)
• Leadership and Governance

Duncan Nzangi is the Director of Light of Hope Youth Initiative-International (LOHYI).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.