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Tanzania Women Research Foundation (TAWREF)

P. O. Box 8598; Shaurimoyo Street, Majengo Ward
Moshi- Kilimanjaro

Contact person: Dafrosa Itemba

+ 255 272 754540; + 255 754 624631


  • Aid organization
  • Social policy/disabled persons
  • Women's policy
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

The Tanzania Women Research Foundation (TAWREF) was formed and registered under the 2002 NGO Act of Tanzania in 2010 by a group of experienced researchers and community interventionists.
The main engagement of TAWREF is to work with evidence based information in order to provide interventions planned with communities and related to transforming the lives of marginalized populations particularly women, youth and children. Marginalization could be caused by abject poverty, impact of diseases such as HIV and AIDS, orphan hood, disabilities and other causes leading to stresses and trauma.
TAWREF is managed by a Team of 5 directors picked from various backgrounds and expertise. The personnel is composed of diverse qualifications and experiences.

TAWREF’s Vision statement
A community where people are addressing the impact of social, cultural, economic and health challenges and benefitting from the interventions leading to transformed lives.

TAWREF’s Mission statement
To implement evidence-based, innovative projects and promoting better livelihood according to perceived needs and priorities.

TAWREF’S Objectives
TAWREF undertakes the following community development and research objectives:
• To conduct and implement evidence-based projects to address psycho-social, cultural, economic, and environmental and health challenges by prioritizing women and children.
• To conduct interventions and research related to the impact resulting from HIV and AIDS on the target community especially the marginalized groups and Key Populations.
• To empower grassroots women and youth economically and socially to enable them to cope with the risks caused by poverty thus retarding their development.
• To partner with other like-minded agencies in the country as social capital to increase access to services, information and accelerate change.

TAWREF’s Beneficiaries:E
Direct beneficiaries
• Marginalised Girls, Women and Men.
• Orphans and Vulnerable Children.
• In school and out of school Children and Youth who are in school.
Indirect beneficiaries
• The Local and Central Government
• Community and Opinion leaders
• Health Institutions, Schools, Other Civil Society Organizations.
• Parents/Caregivers

Our work
Outreach and Community Empowerment: Different projects are organized to reach out to the communities as a contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals in order to realize social and economic transformation.
TAWREF’s Outreach Interventions:
• HIV Prevention for KPs; Linkage to CTC, FP & GBV Services; Disability Inclusion
• Monitoring; Evaluation; Accountability; Learning
• Capacity building for children and youth for policy implemtion on Children´s Rights; Protection and Inclusive Education
• Community Economic Sustainability; Livelihood support for KPs
• Organizational Sustainability; Diversifying Incomes sources; Capacity Building; Staff Retention
• Shelter Provision for Homeless, OVC & Families with Disability
• TAWREF has cultivated a diversity of income sources through an OVC Charity Shop, Agro ecology business and receives regular donations and products for sale and has established Village Community Banking systems.

Dafrosa Itemba is the Executive Director of the Tanzania Women Research Foundation (TAWREF).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.