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The White Rose

Sanawari market

Contact person: Marko Silas

+255 765 636 715


  • Aid organization
  • Educational policy/project
  • Women's policy
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

The White Rose is a young non-profit volunteer-driven organization, located on the North of Tanzania. We believe that education is an unspeakably powerful weapon to battle social and economic problems of Tanzania.
Our history dates back to 2005, when two activists from Moshi, Ms. Corgepta Raphael Ndaskoy and Mr. Filbert Isdor Kiondo, decided to use education as a tool to battle wide-spread prostitution in Moshi. Corgepta and Filbert established a small college of tourism and hospitality, called Matumaini Mapya. They started with 15 girls, provided them with shelter, one- year-training, profound English language classes, and afterwards, helped them get employed. Matumaini Mapya College started gaining popularity really fast. Inspired by their success, Corgepta and Filbert felt like they could contribute much more to society. In 2011, they created the White Rose non-governmental organization and brought their activist activities to a whole new level.

Solving economic and social problems by improving education system

The main goals of the White Rose are:
• Eradicate poverty in the country
• Protect rivers, lakes and springs which get destroyed by activities of man
• Submit researches to Tanzanian government on pollution and find solutions though stakeholders’ meetings
• Empower women to fully participate in solving social issues
• Fight street children problem
• Involve domestic and foreign volunteers to assist the organization in pursuing its’ objectives

• Currently, all of our projects are targeted on teaching in primary schools (public and private schools), located in the Arusha region, in small villages of Sanawari, Ilboru and Olturoto. We place our volunteers to teach various subjects, such as English, Math, Science, Geography, etc, based on their skills and preferences.
• We promote also a public library in Ilboru.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.