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Marat Karpeka Lemur Foundation (MKLF)

2711 Centerville RD, Suite 400
19808 Wilmington (Delaware)
United States

Contact person: Marina Surskova


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About us

The Marat Karpeka Lemur Foundation (MKLF), an US based NGO, exists because more than 90% of lemur species are now facing extinction, making them the most threatened group of mammals on earth. MKLF hopes to lead the effort to save these remarkable creatures. We are committed to education and the conservation of lemurs and their habitats.
Having a passion for lemurs, and wanting to do more, Marat Karpeka, a successful entrepreneur, founded the Marat Karpeka Lemur Foundation in 2016. Consulting with Dr. Russell Mittermeier, a world-renowned primatologist, MKLF was able to select the most efficient lemur projects with measurable results.

MK fund works closely with a huge network of professional lemur conservationists, both in Madagascar and internationally.

Main activities:
• Education: We help build new schools & provide environmental education within curriculum. Providing education for saving the environment should start from primary school. Conservation education can be provided by the use of audio-visual programs, seminars, training programs, environmental awareness campaigns, etc. MK foundation also supports yearly World Lemur Festival which takes place in November. The activities of the festival include: a carnival, a panel discussion, dance and sketch performances and exhibition stands.
• Reforestation: We identify reforestation areas and involve villagers in planting trees. Our ultimate aim is to improve community living conditions and to increase the forest cover in the forest zones in order to conserve the last remaining habitat of the critically endangered Blue-eyed Black Lemur and other endangered species. The area we work in consists of three main forests including Analavory, Anabohazo and Ankarafa.
• Ecotourism: We develop ecotourism and give work places to malagasy people. The employment of local communities for conservation-minded research could help generate sustainable revenue for malagasy people. Conservation action taken for the greater bamboo lemur in southeastern Madagascar is a prime example of how the implication of local communities into research and monitoring programmes contributes to both conservation success and improved livelihoods.
• Water: We give access to clear water in remote areas affected by droughts. Providing wells helps to reduce waterborne diseases. We explain to the villagers through a meeting that the well will be built in exchange of environmental protection, they can choose the place where they want to have the well but they should give a land for free and everyone can use the well once it’s done. We sign a contract with villagers and all of those conditions are written down.

Marina Surskova is the Operations manager of the Marat Karpeka Lemur Foundation (MKLF).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

Old school in Antafiabe village, Madagascar
Girls in Antafiabe village near the school, Madagascar
At ecotourism camp with AEECL partners, North-west Madagascar
5 hours walk from the camp to Antafiabe village
New school in Antafiabe village funded by MKLF, 2019
Tatiana is forwarding the gifts to kids in Antafiabe village. 2018
The construction of a new school in Antafiabe village, 2018-2019
Lemur festival occurs every year and has a great educational impact