Mouvement Netzkraft

Abibiman Foundation

P.O.Box BT 1 Tema, Flat 1/A 74 Site 3 (Opp. T.DC), Community 1

Interlocuteur: Kenneth Nana Amoateng

+233-56766466; +233-303934983

Les Thèmes

  • Organisation d'aide
  • Politique + projet d'éducation
  • Projet d'environnement

Qui sommes-nous

Abibiman Foundation is a Non-Profit Oriented, Non-Partisan, Non-Governmental Organization, established in 2000 and dedicated to the promotion of sustainable livelihoods.

Mission statement
To ameliorate conflict situations and promote a culture of sustainable livelihoods, agriculture, peace and development based on knowledge of cultural, civic, human right, environmental, agriculture, climate change and health issues. Promote cultural, formal and non-formal education as well as technical and vocational skill development to enhance employment and job opportunities for a better standard of human development.

Our work
• The organization develops advocacy based campaigns and projects for grass root mobilization on issues of climate change, agriculture, energy, biodiversity and enviroment.
• The organisation provides training for youth associations, women groups, farmers in sustainable farming methods, high value agricultural processing and alternate livelihood empowerment training.
• The organisation engages with government and its bodies on policy programming and decision making as the grassroot representation of communities which are directly or indirectly affected by these policy actions and interventions.
• The organisation participates at the international level in conferences and regional dialogues to foster negotiations that represent the need of Africa as a continient and Ghana as a nation.
• Developing advocacy campaign and campaign materials on climate change and on the multilateral agreements
• Engaging in advocacy and sensitization of various renewable energy technologies to support the promotion of Renewable Energy use in Ghana
• Writing position papers and policy briefs on various policy programming and issues in the climate change and energy sector
• Organizing and running organisational events and outreach programmes
• Organizing and managing press briefings and media engagments
• Representing the organisation in stakeholder meetings and engagements as well as workshops and trainings
• Providing administrative support and writing of reports as well as developming timesheets for work schdules
• Coordinating the Abibiman Green Life Clubs in schools.

• Support the Children Programme (S.C.P) - Children’s Wing
• Youth in Development Programme (YiDP) - Youth Wing
• Green-Life Clubs - (Student’s Wing)
• Women Advancement Programme (WAP) - Women’s Wing

Kenneth Nana Amoateng is the Executive Director of the Abibiman Foundation.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.