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Youth With A Focus Teso (YWFT)

P.O Box 201 Soroti; Plot 17, Popatlal Road,

Portavoz: Mary Apolot

+256 (0) 787354515; +256 787889109

Áreas temáticas

  • Organización de apoyo
  • Política / Proyecto de educación
  • Proyecto de medio ambiente
  • Ayudantes voluntarios serán bienvenidos.

Sobre nosotros

Youth With a Focus Teso (YWAFT) is an indigenous charitable Community-Based Organization (CBO) established in Uganda with a legal license and agreement documents in the year 2014 by volunteer youth to contribute to the process of restoring hope and economical empowerment to the youth who are considered unproductive or insignificant and don’t make the best use of the time and abilities in the community and who have good ideas but are unable to showcase them.

To transform by inspiring youth throughout the Teso region and Uganda as a whole to drive a new era of development, growth and productivity.

To train, equip and empower youth towards developing self-sustaining capacity and ability to improve their livelihood

We aim to promote more stable, fairer and more prosperous world and combat poverty . Providing support and capacity building for vulnerable youth and marginalized people.

• Conserve the environment: We have Volunteers on environmental conservation projects do hands-on work which has a direct impact on the preservation of environments around the Youth in Teso.
• Developing the Youth: Develop youth’s physical, mental and financial capacities with particular emphasis on poverty
• Build up life vocational skills: Our Projects on entrepreneurial skills to train youth for self-employment in carpentry, tailoring and garment cutting, agribusiness skills, poultry farming, piggery and etc
• Promote youth and girls: Educate the youth an sexual and reproductive health through capacity building especially on matters related to menstrual hygiene, teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS.
• Promote advocacy: We promote advocacy for women and girls rights in the community whilst upholding gender equality.
• WASH project: We work to implement the various WASH target programs to promote good health practices and effective health development activities.

Mary Apolot is the Executive Director of Youth With a Focus Teso (YWAFT).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

Networking is the only way to Achieve the SDGs
MENSTRUAL HYGIENE MANAGEMENT PROJECT: To reduce the prevalence of high risks caused by girl-child school drop-outs, forced teenage marriages, abortions, and unwanted pregnancies.
Forging a way forward to improve access to clean water and improved livelihood
Transforming Communities by Inspiring the Youth.
May this Christmas season Brings you nothing but fond memories, Happiness and laughter