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Een Dier Een Vriend (An Animal (A) Friend)

Postbus 93029
2509 AA Den Haag

Contact person: Geoffrey Deckers

+31 (0)70-3833699
+31 (0)70-3819255


  • Aid organization
  • Environmental project
  • Educational policy/project
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

Een Dier Een Vriend, founded in 1998, is a Dutch non-profit organisation for animal rights. Our name translates into ‘An Animal (A) Friend’, and our motto is ‘Because animals have rights!’

An Animal (A) Friend Foundation has the following main objectives:
• Promoting the rights for / of animals to live free from abuse.
• Promoting an animal-friendly way of life as a means to prevent mistreatment of animals.

Our vision
The purpose of An Animal (A) Friend is that animals no longer have to suffer. That is why we want, among other things, the inclusion of animal rights in the constitution.

Our mission
An Animal (A) Friend stands up peacefully for the rights of animals, by fighting against all forms of animal suffering. Billions of animals need our help every day.

Our work
• We do this by positively motivating people to make animal-friendly choices, by informing companies and governments about the implementation of animal-friendly policies, and by working for more animal-friendly products on the market.
• With a team of enthusiastic people and various collaborations, we expose many animal-unfriendly situations on a daily basis in the media, with campaigns, aimed at politicians and control authorities, in legal proceedings and at organizations that are guilty of this suffering.
• Collaboration: An Animal (A) Friend believes in working effectively with effective results and therefore works together with other animal interest organizations, both side by side and in various partnerships, projects and coalitions:
• An Animal (A) Friend is an active organization for the protection of the rights of animals and animal-friendly consumers.
• The working method of An Animal (A) Friend is characterized by publicizing animal abuse and combating it in all possible legal ways.
• For this purpose, An Animal (A) Friend conducts peaceful talks and campaigns and sits to work effectively in various national and international coalitions and partnerships.
• In addition, An Animal (A) Friend gives information to the public and is constantly in talks with politicians and business to bring the objectives to the attention of politicians and policymakers.
• An Animal (A) Friend does not consider itself to be bound by any political party, color, person or ideological conviction. ”
• Malfunctioning shelters, animal organizations and animal ambulances are given a helping hand by An Animal (A) Friend.
• The public is warned by An Animal (A) Friend for notoriously notorious animal traders, 'finish' shelters, companies or organizations that treat animals badly.
• An Animal (A) Friend also supports local initiatives at home and abroad that directly help (stray) animals such as dogs, monkeys, bears and cats. Volunteers of An Animal (A) Friend also carry out direct animal aid projects in the Netherlands and neighboring countries.

Geoffrey Deckers is Co-Founder and Chairman of Een Dier Een Vriend (An Animal (A) Friend).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.