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Yayasan Solemen Indonesia (Solemen)

JL Merdeka Raya No.8x, Kuta Badung
Bali 80361

Contact person: Robert Epstone

+62 (0)812 3720 6220


  • Aid organization
  • Environmental project
  • Social policy/disabled persons

About us

Yayasan Solemen Indonesia (‘Solemen’), an Indonesian non -profit foundation founded in 2010, provides direct support and funding for the disadvantaged and ‘diffabled’ (differently abled)in Bali. Established in October 2010, Solemen is one of Bali’s most trusted and visible charities.

Our mission is to help the disadvantaged in Bali, Indonesia.

Solemen’s Outreach Programs benefit the poor, the disadvantaged, the ‘diffabled’, the homeless and the marginalised in Bali. The charity’s goal is to alleviate the misery of extreme poverty by bringing hope and sustainable solutions to those who remain hidden from public view and hence are separated from easy access to medical treatment. Solemen actively reaches people who fall through the cracks and are not helped by the existing network of charitable organisations and government programs.

Our work:
• SoleBuddies (People under our Care): Seeking sponsorship
• SoleHouse: SoleHouse, a fully equipped comfortable four bedroomed ‘Home away from Home’, is located in Panjer, Denpasar. The lease and set up costs have been generously sponsored by Bali Dynasty Resort. Our families (‘SoleBuddies’)are collected from their homes and stay free of charge. They are cared for by two housekeeping staff who also deliver food to the hospital three times per day. Our guests received home cooked nutritionally balanced food whilst meeting their individual dietary requirements. This vital facility is provided during their hospital assessments, treatments, pre and post operatively as well as follow up monitoring appointments.
• Aid for earthquake victims - Lombok and Bali.
• Health Education Project:
• Fun Days for SoleBuddies: Fun Days are an important component of treating our SoleBuddies, providing opportunities for interaction with each other.
• HBS Morigin: Solemen is actively supporting a cooperative agricultural project to expand the production of Moringa and local produce for the domestic and export markets. This is an extension of our permaculture project empowering families to grow Moringa and local fruits and vegetables for their own use and resale.

Robert Epstone is the Founder of Yayasan Solemen Indonesia (Solemen).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.