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Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf & Wildlife (FOTWW)

117 Ardmore Drive
WI 53713 Madison
United States

Contact person: Melissa Smith

+1 608-234-8860


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About us

Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf and Wildlife (FOTWW) is a grassroots organization which was started in 2011, and officially became recognized in 2012 for advocating for Wisconsin wolves and wildlife by bringing diversity, science and democracy to wildlife policy.

Our Mission
• Protect the biodiversity of the Great Lakes by addressing the root causes of biodiversity decline. We will implement tactics that defend protections, increase connectivity and address wildlife mismanagement.
• As a grassroots organization, we will mobilize local organizations, activists, and spokespeople to stand up for wildlife. We will defend threatened and endangered species at the federal level, we will strengthen protections for wildlife at the state level, and we´ll build a movement to support wildlife.
• We will mobilize local organizations and activists to oppose any weakening of federal endangered species protections. For the Great Lakes region, in particular, we will stand against the delisting of wolves. We´ll cultivate spokespeople for wolves, bringing their advocacy to decision-makers.
• We´ll also advocate for the best wildlife management at the state level. This will include tactics such as advocating for stronger state management plans and implementing policies that increase connectivity for wildlife. It will include advocating against anti-wildlife policies, which may include stopping wildlife killing contests, excessive hunting, indiscriminate trapping and/or widespread hounding.
• Lastly, we will focus on efforts to build a movement of active wildlife supporters using outreach and engagement tactics. For instance, we will sway public opinion by reinforcing a positive symbolism of wolves, picking up on the values held by Americans. We will carry out habitat restoration activities with volunteers. And we will hold Endangered Species Day events that will educate and engage key constituencies.

Strategic plan:
• Organizational Stability – Expand mentoring and resources for volunteers, to increase recruitment, commitment and retention. Creating Scientific Advisory Board
• Partnerships – Maintain existing and establish new partnerships that support the mission of the FOTWW
• Outreach/Education – FOTWW actively engages diverse audiences through broadened outreach opportunities.
• Advocacy – The FOTWW board and volunteers are actively engaged at all levels of government and community forums in advocating for wolves and wildlife in Wisconsin.
• Media – Keep FOTWW in the news through various tactics, including letters to the editor, protests, campaigns, radio/tv, press releases, etc.

• Great Lakes Wildlife Alliance: We are a group of hunters, non-consumptive users, animal welfare advocates, farmers, politicians, business persons and diverse citizens who want to move wildlife management towards an ethical, science-based, democratic vision of wildlife conservation that respects diversity and the intrinsic value of all life.
• Wildlife Conservation Stamp: The Wildlife Conservation Stamp presents the perfect opportunity for non-hunters, non-trappers, "non-consumptive" wildlife watchers and recreationists to help support the DNR while contributing to wildlife conservation in Wisconsin.
• Lead Ammunition Resolution: Studies indicate that lead restrictions have been successful in reducing lead levels in children, birds and other wildlife. FOTWW and other organizations support the replacement of lead-based ammunition and tackle with non-toxic products.
• Corridors and Connectivity: Today´s Great Lakes parks, forests and other protected areas, although critical to conservation, are too small and isolated from one another to support wildlife migrations and dispersals, native plant communities, and services provided by nature—like pollination, carbon storage and clean water. FOTWW is helping advocate protecting core reserves, reconnecting them via vast corridors of habitat, and advocating for predators.

Melissa Smith is the Executive Director of Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf (FOTWW).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.