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Emukhunzulu Patengemeinschaft e.V.

Kasparstr. 7b
50354 Hürth

Contact person: Uschi Jansen

+49 (0)2233 / 64163; +49 151 75000243


  • Aid organization
  • Educational policy/project

About us

Khumusalaba is a small village in the Western Province of Kenya, located about an hour north of the city of Kisumu and Lake Victoria. There is a small private school complex that gives poor children access to education - the Emukhunzulu Education Centre and Julie Ndere High School.
The schools are not supported by the state and have to finance themselves. The quality of teaching is much higher than in state schools and maintaining this standard with their own resources is very difficult.
For this reason, our non-profit, confessionally and politically independent association "Emukhunzulu Godparents", founded in 2007, supports the school management in the upkeep of the schools, primarily with child sponsorships and project donations.
The aim of the association is to make education accessible to people in need, thereby improving their existential needs such as food, clothing, medical care and housing, as well as supporting the educational institutions with material and financial benefits.

• The provision of scholarships, further education courses and training courses for young people and adults and also for the training of teaching staff
• The use of contributions in the form of sponsorships for children and adolescents, which serve to finance school and university attendance
• The procurement of teaching and learning materials for both the trainees and the training centres
• Construction and expansion of classrooms, training rooms, boarding facilities as well as orphanages.
• Measures aimed at self-sufficiency, in particular agricultural facilities, small-scale projects, donations in kind and in cash, which serve vocational training, the pursuit of a profession and the creation of a livelihood, have a major role to play.
• Preference is given to smaller and medium-sized projects that are manageable and where we are certain that no contributions and donations are "managed away".
• Funds in the form of donations in kind, contributions, donations etc. are to be used for the fulfilment of the purpose of the association.

• High School: By building a high school, we can give "our children" access to higher education in the form of school sponsorships. But we need accommodation possibilities. In the long term, four classrooms, a chemistry lab, a computer lab and a small staff room are planned. Meanwhile, construction of the new building has started.
• Food supplies to the school
• Library: The basis of our library has been created, but many shelves are empty. We are trying to fill these gaps using general donations.
• Boardinghouse: Mama-Lydiah-House is home to our boarding children. The boarding house is located on the guarded property of the school so that the children can sleep, play and learn safely.
• Family help: In addition to their basic needs, we support our “godchildren” and their families in emergencies or in case of special need through our "Auntie-Emuk-shop".

Uschi Jansen is the vice chairman of "Emukhunzulu Godparents”.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.