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SEKA Hamburg e.V.

Behringstraße 28
22765 Hamburg

Contact person: Gabriele Müller

+49 (0)40-399 056 53
+49 (0)40-399 056 53


  • Aid organization
  • Peace politics
  • Educational policy/project

About us

Since 1992, Hamburg women have been working for women and children who were victims of violence and displacement during the wars in the countries of the former Yugoslavia. As a result of this commitment, the association SEKA Hamburg was founded in April 1996.

The goals of the association are:
• to contribute to the physical and emotional healing of women and children who have survived war and violence by providing recreation and therapeutic support locally (in former Yugoslavia).
• to offer support, relief and further education to members of local (women's) organizations who provide assistance to the victims of violence and who are often themselves traumatized and burned out.
• To support the peace process in the region by promoting communication and mutual understanding between women of different population and religious groups, as well as between returnees and those who had to survive the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
• To support the democratization process in Bosnia-Herzegovina and to improve the social situation of women across the Balkan region through networking with other women's organizations, through public relations and awareness-raising.
• To create a place of international encounter for women from the region and women from other European countries (especially from Germany) and outside of Europe.
• build and operate a recreation, therapy and education centre to realize these goals in Gorazde (Eastern Bosnia).
The Association SEKA Hamburg sees its work as a contribution of Hamburg women and the general population of Hamburg to help the most affected victims of the war in the former Yugoslavia (women and children), as a contribution to international understanding and the preservation and promotion of peace in Europe.

The most important activities of the association SEKA Hamburg are:
• Public relations for the announcement of the project SEKA in Gorazde, Bosnia-Herzegovina (publication of the magazine SEKA-Journal, round and action letters, etc.)
• Fundraising for the financing of the project in Goražde
• Lectures and participation in events related to project work
• regular (weekly) supervision and advice for the SEKA-Gorazde team (via Skype)
• Regular visits to the project in Gorazde

Gabriele Müller is executive board member and co-founder of SEKA Hamburg as well as SEKA Gorazde and has been on-site technical project manager for 21 years. Since May 2018 she has regularly supported the project from Germany.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.

Gabriele Mueller auf Besuch im Projekt SEKA Goražde (Bosnien-Herzegowina)