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Beavers: Wetlands & Wildlife (BWW).

146 Van Dyke Rd.
NY 13329 Dolgeville

Interlocuteur: Sharon Brown

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Qui sommes-nous

Beavers: Wetlands & Wildlife (BWW) is a tax-exempt educational nonprofit with members in the U.S., Canada and overseas, that has been helping people learn about a species that builds the land´s best life support system - and about lasting, win-win solutions for beaver/human conflicts for over twenty years.
When conflicts with beavers arise, BWW suggests first identifying the specific problem, and then using environmentally sound, cost-effective methods for lasting solutions. Being proactive is best, but often people create a beaver management plan when it is needed. More and more, individuals, communities, agencies and others are opting to save money, lives and the environment with win-win solutions.

Our mission is:
• to help people learn about the beaver, a keystone species that restores and maintains wetlands, the land´s most beneficial ecosystem.
• to provide information about environmentally sound, cost-effective, long-term solutions for problems that arise between humans and beavers.

Since 1985, Beavers: Wetlands & Wildlife (BWW) has been accomplishing our goals by using some powerful tools, including research, networking and public education. We publish the quarterly news-magazine Beaversprite, and create and distribute literature and videos, designed for children and adults. BWW designated April 7 as International Beaver Day to celebrate the four-footed engineers´ contribution to a healthy environment. We regularly give programs, inform the media, consult, and otherwise assist individuals, agencies and communities.

• Programs: Beavers: Wetlands & Wildlife (BWW) regularly gives programs about beavers, and the best methods to coexist with this keystone species, for a variety of organizations and groups, and at conferences. Programs are geared to audiences of different ages and interests, ranging from children to nature clubs, highway superintendents, watershed groups and wetlands scientists.
• Consultations (Phone, Email or On-site): Beavers: Wetlands & Wildlife (BWW) consults by phone and email at no charge, and does on-site assessments of problem sites (for example, those with unwanted flooding and/or tree damage) to recommend the best, lasting solutions for a modest fee and travel expenses. Our staff members offer practical advice and specific information on the best management practices and solutions. When a flow device installation is required, and professional installers are unavailable, we assist landowners, and others, by recommending an appropriate device and materials needed for the site, gathering materials for qualified do-it-your-selfers, and occasionally installing a device.

Sharon Brown is a BWW Biologist/Director.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.