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Aktion "Freunde schaffen Freude e.V."

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89561 Dischingen-Demmingen

Portavoz: Grein-Feil, Inge

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Sobre nosotros

After having suffered a shock as a result of serious physical illness, Inge Grein-Feil founded the initiative "Freunde schaffen Freude" (friends bring joy) in summer 1984. This was based on the conviction that a social network is able to compensate deficits of the individual and can promote "residual possibilities" respectively talents.

Already a short time later, the association was founded with the objective to give this help to people who depend on the help of others due to their physical, mental and emotional state in the form of financial or personal assistance.

The action is working in most different ways to link up people with each other:

- in social teamwork (group evenings, common leisure time activities, common celebrations of feasts, such as Christmas etc., open contact groups), to counteract the social loneliness in this way,
- with help in individual cases (during individual talks, letter contacts, by bringing people with similar interests together, introduction to advisory centres ?),
- by cultural events (cabaret, talent shops, modern and historical music, singing, readings, theatre, cafés for telling stories ?)

The social and cultural centre called "ARCHE" (Ark) has been running since the year 2000 and provides an extensive cultural programme as well as social opportunities.

Since 1997, the campaign "Freunde schaffen Freude e.V." has been a member of the Deutscher Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband (German charitable institution).

Inge Grein-Feil, born in Aalen/Württemberg, is founder of the campaign. She gives lectures and seminars to activate love of life and humour, with her own shock caused by her illness in the background.

We can give expert advice to other net participants and give lectures in the field of self-help networks. Apart from that, we publish the informative paper "Kleine Brücke" (small bridge).