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Apoolo Na Angor (ANA);

Development of Women

P.O. Box 2291, Plot 2 Soroti Road - Bukedea

Portavoz: Moses Aisia

+256 (0)772-663-223;

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  • Organización de apoyo
  • Política social/Discapacitados
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Sobre nosotros

In 2003 Apoolo Na Angor (ANA) was initiated as a self help group and later went on to become a registered community based organization (CBO). Presently ANA is registered as a national NGO.

As a grassroots organization, ANA aims to promote attitudes of dignity and harmony while engaging communities in holistic development. Apoolo Na Angor seeks to provide household agricultural support, community-based healthcare and continuing education to vulnerable people by working through and with village groups in order to facilitate their roles as change agents and leaders of the Teso region.

ANA’s work focuses on HIV/AIDS prevention and care, training in home care and personal hygiene, capacity-building through education and trainings at the community level, food security and economic security.

• Community-Based Health Care: The CBHC program works towards the reversal of HIV/AIDS infection rates in the community. Another aspect of the CBHC program is to help provide HIV/AIDS care and support to the community, or in other words, help members to care for those infected and affected in their households.
• Household Agricultural Support: Through the HAS program, ANA is providing regular trainings to the community on issues of sustainable farming, post harvest handling, food security, nutrition, bee keeping, tree planting and income generation. NA has initiated the “Pass a Cow” program, in which beneficiaries are given some general training in how to take care of cattle first. After that they get a high breed heifer, which provides the families with milk as well as an extra income. If the cow produces a female, it is given back to the ANA to be sent to the next beneficiary. ANA has also distributed to the communities high yielding seeds of cassava, maize, beans and ground nut to encourage the members of the communities to build up their own kitchen gardens in order to improve food security.
• Continuing Education: The Continuing Education program has provided education on human rights, gender, domestic violence, land rights and children’s rights. It teaches basic reading, writing and math skills to women who were unable to attend school. ANA initiated tailoring classes in a new Skill Development Academy. Furthermore all the graduates of tailoring receive a start up package: a sewing machine and grants, which enable them to establish their own tailoring workshops. ANA is planning to expand the Skill Development Academy to provide more skilled based courses to the women of Bukedea like courses in cooking, agriculture and business training.

Moses Aisia is the Executive Director of Apoolo Na Angor (ANA).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.