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Über uns

The Canary Coalition, founded in 2000, is a non-profit organization based in western North Carolina and a grassroots Clean Air Movement.

The Canary Coalition is a community-based citizen's group and is not affiliated with any government agency. We will do our best to work together with all related organizations to help improve air quality for everyone in our region.

• The Canary Coalition works to raise public awareness about the air quality crisis in the Smoky Mountains, the greater Appalachian region and nationwide, generating a groundswell of public support to reduce or eliminate major sources of air pollution, thereby improving the health and quality of life enjoyed by all who breathe.
• The Canary Coalition will coordinate public events that will both educate public officials and focus national attention on the air quality problems we're experiencing in the Smoky Mountain region. The Canary Coalition will work with similar groups in other parts of the country to combine our strength and influence on the federal level.
• The Canary Coalition has launched a statewide campaign to reform the Division of Air Quality (DAQ) in North Carolina in response to inadequacies in enforcement policies and an inappropriate relationship between the Administration of the state’s principle air quality regulation enforcement agency and the industries it is charged with regulating.
• The Canary Coalition, a nonprofit group rooted in Jackson County that fights for air quality, might soon take to the airwaves via its own educational, community radio station. The Canary Coalition believes a local radio station would provide the entire environmental community in Western North Carolina with its own forum, plus open educational and networking opportunities for those involved.

Avram Friedman is the Executive Director of The Canary Coalition.

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