Netzkraft Movement

AG SPAK und Paulo Freire Gesellschaft

Margarethenplatz 2
81373 München

Contact person: Schulze, Heinz

+49 89/ 74372787
+49 89/ 74372789


  • Alternative economy
  • Educational policy/project
  • Social policy/disabled persons

About us

The AG SPAK was founded in 1970 as an "overall framework for the political work of the sociopolitical working groups". Due to the work of hundreds of people who were working in an honorary capacity, it has become a synonym for innovative and sociopolitically committed concepts of social work since then, their publications have become core literature at universities. The AG SPAK is a loose association without formalized membership.

Since the foundation, the fields of work have changed and developed again and again depending on the social situation. Today, the following areas - also working on an interdisciplinary level - are the bearing columns of the work of AG SPAK:

- youth and society: model-like measures with young people and conferences with committed multiplicators,
- student social commitment: sponsors of seminars and meetings,
- youth project workshops,
- work for the disabled: "forum of initiatives for cripples and disabled persons",
- alternative economics: concepts and models of self-governed management,
- poverty and basic level of social protection: ways out of the trap of poverty,
- liberating pedagogics: concepts from the Latin-American people's education work
(the Paulo Freire society originates from this working group)
- criminal policy: reintegration into society, abolitionism, privatization of execution of a sentence,
- psychiatry and society: anti-psychiatry, cultural work with people who have undergone psychiatric treatment etc. in collaboration with affected persons and professionals,
- work for the general welfare: regional working-groups, social focal points.

Substantial elements of the work of the AG SPAK are the networks and the exchange of basic initiatives in different forums, such as seminars, conferences, circular letters, publications.

Heinz Schulze was born in 1943.

I give expert advice, lectures and communicate up-to-date information and arrange for contacts in the fields of liberating pedagogy and methods.