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Aktion Eine Welt Aue e.V.

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Portavoz: Wieland, Ulrich

+ 01522-1960 531; 03771/735501

Áreas temáticas

  • Ayuda para países en vías de desarrollo
  • Organización de medio ambiente

Sobre nosotros

The “Society for the Promotion of Understanding the Problems of One World” (One World Campaign) was founded on 14.11.1990. The object of the association is to promote understanding in this country of cultures and social and economic conditions in developing countries and to demonstrate the networking of international ecological conditions. This includes in particular the promotion of an international outlook, international understanding and tolerance in all areas of culture. This is primarily achieved by events, publications and the provision of premises to above purposes, as well as cooperation with similar institutions at home and abroad.

The association has set itself the goal of raising public awareness of the problems of the non-equivalent trade exchange between the rich highly industrialized countries and the so-called "third world".

The network of initiative groups “Quarry” arose out of a loose coalition of citizens' initiatives opposing the spate of immense sand and gravel pits or quarries, provoked by the Unification Treaty in East Germany. By exchanging experiences, regular meetings, the organisation of seminars and the publication of “Rockhound”, our newsletter containing experiences, developments and legal information for citizens' initiatives. we aim to raise people's awareness of their right to get involved. At the present time, we reach approx. 100 citizens' initiatives.

Ulrich Wieland, born in 1959 in Llmenau,Thüringen, MSc in biomedical engineering, MSc in information technology, is on the Committee of the IG Quarrying network, county representative of the Saxony Green League and spokesman for the Aue One World Campaign.

I can give net participants expert advice on the above mentioned subjects, I can give lectures and communicate up-to-date specialist information and arange for contacts.