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Asociación Hogar Nuevos Horizontes

3ª Calle D3-55 Zona 1
Quetzaltenango, 09001

Interlocuteur: Haylee Fuller, Hannah Ahern

+(502) 55805632, +(502) 40190005, +(502) 7765 0141
+(502) 7761-6140

Les Thèmes

  • Organisation d'aide
  • Condition + projet féminin
  • Politique sociale/hommes handicapés
  • Bénévoles sont les bienvenus.

Qui sommes-nous

Asociación Hogar Nuevos Horizontes is a private, Guatemalan, apolitical, non-profit organization based in the city of Quetzaltenango since 1989, supporting women and children in situations of need. We work without any kind of gender, religious, ethnic or cultural discrimination, our aims being the social and human well-being, and overall development of those we assist.
Nuevos Horizontes offers a unique combination of services that include: a shelter and family support for abused women and children and those in situations of social risk, judicial accompaniment and support, childcare centers, community education in the topics of human rights, gender, self-esteem, and sexuality, a medical clinic and psychological therapy, and training centers for women.

• To promote the development of the Guatemalan population, coordinating actions with other institutions with objectives compatible with ours.
• To help the development of children, principally in physical, economic, and emotional aspects through programs directed toward the overcoming of their challenges.
• To promote the overall development of women through the creation of various programs directed at their vindication as important elements and contributors within our society.
• To vindicate the human rights of women and children in search of the equity that permits the general development of the population.

Nuevos Horizontes Programs:
• Shelter and Family Support Centre (ACEDIF): It offers services to women in situations of domestic violence, and to widows and single women in situations of financial difficulty.
• Community Education and Organization: This program works with the goal of educating the population in the region on matters related to women.
• Legal Aid Office (OJM): It offers social and legal guidance, legal advising, accompaniment, and general legal direction and assistance to women who seek support.
• Holistic Health for Women, Families and Communities: This program promotes the all-round health of women, families, and communities.
• Labour Training Centre (COF): It offers women and men a space for labour training in order to improve their economic and family life conditions.

Nuevos Horizontes offers opportunities for volunteers.

Haylee Fuller and Hannah Ahern are the Shelter/Daycare and Volunteer Coordinators.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.