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Deutsch-Kamerunische Brücke e.V.

Sprendlinger Landstraße 78a
63069 Offenbach

Contact person: René Bell Bell

+49 (0)69 69028919, Mobil: +49 (0) 163 / 90 70 925


  • Aid for developing countries
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

The German-Cameroonian Bridge Society (DKBeV), based in Offenbach am Main, was founded by René Bell Bell in 1992. It is a free supporting organisation dedicated to cooperative development aid, the main focus being on the economy, health and hygiene, sport, and education.

Aims and projects so far:

The German-Cameroonian Bridge Society encourages an international attitude and international understanding through intercultural exchange. It does not only support and develop projects in the short term but also sees them through. Numerous projects have been carried out successfully since the founding of the Society. These include the first official fan club for the Cameroon national (football) team, the ASLICAM.

Various projects in Cameroon have been initiated and carried out since the founding of the Society in 1992, such as building henhouses, surveying the village road and improving it, carrying out a village census, engaging two primary school teachers for the village school, distributing antibiotics in the Ebolowa hospital (southern province) and eye drops in "Ngompem", distributing school materials in "Ngompem" (with the support of the Otto-Hahn school in Hanau), and providing a pickup truck for the use of the villagers.
In addition, in December 2006 the DKB received donations of 400 aluminium beds and 500 general purpose suits for hospitals in the neighbouring African states within CEMAC (The Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa). In January 2006 Meyra Ortopedia & Co. donated a wheelchair for a woman who has suffered from polio since childhood.

Current and future projects:

School twinning:
At the moment we are initiating a twinning of a primary school in Ngompem with a comprehensive school in Essen. This new partnership is still at the beginning stages.

Refurbishment of the primary school in Ngompem:
We would like to further extend the village school by setting up two more classes this year. This will involve restoring two classrooms which have been destroyed and building two toilets for boys and girls.

Donations will be used for repairing the classrooms, and for blackboards, benches and teaching materials.

The German-Cameroonian Bridge Society is financed by donations, the revenue from festivities, and aid money from institutions.

René Bell Bell is the president of the DKBeV.

On request we can offer other net participants advice or a presentation. We can pass on up-to-date information and contacts.