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SOS Rassismus

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Les Thèmes

  • Antiracisme, politique d'integration
  • Politique + projet d'éducation

Qui sommes-nous

Aktion Courage - SOS racism is an alliance of citizens' action groups and single persons, who stand up for a peaceful working and living together of people of different nationalities and different cultural backgrounds. The alliance is a charitable association which is financed mainly from private donations and which is completely independent of political parties and organizations. Aktion Courage - SOS racism was founded in 1992 in view of a racism in Germany which was getting more and more aggressive. Today, 65 local and regional single organizations are already members of the association or are associated with it.

Among other activities, the following belong to those of Aktion Courage - SOS racism:

- School without racism. All over Germany, Aktion Courage coordinates the project Schule Ohne Rassismus (school without racism), within the framework of which young persons deal with the problems of racism in their direct neighbourhood.
- Apprenticeships. 269,000 companies with foreign owners are registered in Germany. Although meanwhile represented in more than 60 lines of business, only 2.5 per cent of these companies train apprentices. Aktion Courage has started a campaign which shall move the Federation and the Lands, but also the Chambers of Industry and Commerce as well as the employers' associations and the trade unions to better use the potential of apprentices which has remained unused until now.
- Facilitated nationalization
- Anti-discrimination law

We can give expert advice on the subject racism/discrimination, give a lecture or communicate up-to-date specialist information/ contacts.