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Sudhar Centre


1:FREE LANCING TRAINING PROGRAMME FOR DISABLE WOMEN OF DISTRICT FAISALABAD 2021 The Project is based on the training of disable women's of district faisalabad in which they will learn how to earn on ...

Systems Change Alliance


Beyond the Great Reset: The Systems Change Summit Join the Systems Change Alliance for a free livestreaming event, and help build a declaration of transformative solutions towards real systems chan ...



The organization Support Program for the Fight against Poverty for the Emergence and Restoration of Substainable developpent is work in DRC Republic Democratic of the Congo for to reduce Poverty and h ...

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Peace Building Team (PBT)

Dem. Republik Kongo (Zaire)

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Little Fighters Cancer Trust  Aspiring for Achievement Foundation AAFNetwork Movement for Democracy and Human Rights NMDHR  ZimRelief e.V.ORCONDECO