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Hopeworth Children’s Foundation


Hello members? About our project,we are currently constructing a school and we do also gardening of different crops like soyabeans,p.nuts,beans,and cone,rice.we also make african yo w ...

Youth Partnership for Peace and Development (YPPD)


Joint Media Engagement Using Television in Raising Awareness of COVID-19 and the Need for Accelerated WASH Services in Sierra Leone. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In the course of the media engagement interv ...



The organization Support Program for the Fight against Poverty for the Emergence and Restoration of Sustainable Development, in the acronym PALPER asbl-RDC, is working in WASH in Democratic Republic o ...

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Amsha Africa Foundation AAF ONG AdkoulSannas Foundation for the Needy SFN  Academy of Grassroots Studies and Research of India AGRASRI  Shehri Ijtamai Tarqiati Council SHATAC