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JABEZ Self Help Group (JABEZ Kenya)


We urgently need your support to help marginalized women, youth and children affected by COVID-19!! Will you please donate today? A gift from you could help provide the most vulnerable marginali ...

Deutsch-Togolesische Gesellschaft e.V.


NEUES GEBÄUDE FÜR DIE TIERHALTUNG IN LAVIÉ-HUIMÉ (Republik Togo/Westafrika) In Lavié-Huimé wurde das Gebäude für die Tierhaltung der landwirtschaftlichen Genos-senschaft "A.D.G.H." fertig ...

Prime Educational and Social Trust (Prime Trust)


The COVID-19 pandemic marks an unprecedented time in modern history that will require the best of humanity to overcome. The new corona virus has taken thousands of lives and spread to nearly every cou ...

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JABEZ Self Help Group (JABEZ Kenya)
JABEZ FBVC Foundation


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Schulwälder für Westafrika e.V.Altruism AssociationAsabe Shehu YarAdua Foundation ASYARF  African Rights Initiative International ARIIartscenico e.V.