Anti-Kinderporno e.V.

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7013 Dornat/Ems
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Interlocuteur: Beate Blumenthal

Les Thèmes

Anti-Kinderporno e.V. is a human rights initiative which supports the victims of most vehement violence - in particular victims of sexual torture (" child pornography") - and which tries to fight against these serious human rights violation on all social levels. The organization was founded by people who want to resist to the strong offender lobby by a lobby for children as well as young and adult survivors.
Child pornography and abuse are an unlimited problem and it will only be possible to change something by taking extreme actions.

Beate Blumenthal is the chairwoman of the association Anti-Kinderporno e.V..

We can offer an overnight accommodation for other net participants. In addition to that, according to prior agreement we can give a lecture on the subject Europe/USA and arrange for up-to-date specialist information and establish contacts.