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Aldea Yanapay

Calle Ruinas 415

Telefon: + 51 84-235870
Adresse e-mail:aldeayanapay@yahoo.com
Interlocuteur: Rocio Torres

Les Thèmes

The “Non-profit civil organization Aldea Yanapay” was born in 2004. These are the projects of the organization:

• Cultural Centre Aldea Yanapay
Offering the town of Cuzco a place with spaces and a suitable atmosphere so that they may easily have access to a range of cultural possibilities. With the vision to provide the citizens of the Cuzco with constant supply of artistic and cultural experiences. To begin with, the cultural center will offer three elements: Theatre and Expressive arts, Cinema club and Library and Internet kiosk.

• Project with the Police in the district of Santiago, Cusco
The main aim of this program that Aldea Yanapay has with the police of the district of Santiago in Cusco is to achieve a situation where these children and teenagers pass quality time while they are in custody of the police, making the work of the department easier

• The Yanapay School
The Yanapay school is a place that has areas such as classrooms, a library, a game library (educational games), reading room, kitchen, and others, that are necessary for the development of the children and adolescents we work with.

• Accomodations
THE HOSTEL: The Hostel is a warm, entertaining and comfortable place where you can stay during your time in Cusco as a volunteer or tourist.

THE HOUSE: Where anyone who wants to stay can, be those volunteers or not.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities, offer expert guidance through trained staff, deliver a lecture, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.


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