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BGM Social Service Centre

P.B.No.2, Neyyardam P.O. Trivandrum
695572 Kerala

Telefon: +91 (0)471 2273267
Adresse e-mail:bgmsocialservice@yahoo.com
Interlocuteur: K. Wilson

Les Thèmes

BGM SOCIAL SERVICE CENTRE is a registered charitable trust, strives to uplift the weaker section in the society with special emphasis on the development basic needs of women and children.

The registered office of the organization is situated at Neyyardam, which is a well known tourist center which is laying close to Western Ghats Sahayadri hills. Majority of the Peoples are farmers and Tribes. Though it is a well known tourist center developmental activities are comparatively in slow motion and number of poor families remains without basic needs. The developmental activities implemented by the organization is much appreciated by the peoples and local administrations. Trust is mainly involved to develop basic human needs of needy poor rural people. In addition to this, organization is also involved in number of charitable activities, which help for the development of whole of the society. Under the leadership of Managing Trustee.

Mr. K. Wilson, other trustees and friends, Organization had created
number of employment opportunities in the rural areas through various training programes and through project implementation.
BGM Service Society is undertaking the following projects:

• Education: International Volunteers Programme, School Material distribution Programme, Evening School Education Programme, Computer Education Programme

• Environment: Environment Programme, Rain Water Harvesting

• Health Programmes: Ayurvedic Clinic, Emergency Distribution, Water Well Construction for poor families, Toilet Construction Programme

• Women Empowerment Project: Tailoring School, Empowerment through Vocational Training, Cow Distribution, Goat Distribution

As per agreement for other net participants we can offer overnight facilities, give an expert opinion and procure expert information in the field of our work.


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