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Komitee für Grundrechte und Demokratie e. V.

Aquinostr. 7 -11
50670 Köln

Phone No.: +49 221/9726930 und -20
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The committee for basic rights and democracy was founded in 1980. The initiative came from persons who were actively involved in the realization of the Russell tribunal on the situation of the human rights in the Federal Republic of Germany (1978/1979). Now as before, the objectives which were formulated on the occasion of the foundation of the committee are its guideline because in view of the global capitalism the "new situation of the world" makes a courageous and civil disobedient commitment for undivided human rights more necessary than ever.

The committee understands it its main tasks, on the one hand to inform about current violations of human rights and to stand up for those whose rights have been violated (for example in connection with so-called demonstration offences, despotism of legal authorities, discrimination, official debarment from one's occupation, racism, complete refusal, problems of asylum seekers and refugees), but on the other hand also to track down infringements which are not revealed directly and which are attributable to the social structures and developments (structural term of the human rights).

The threat to the basic and human rights has a lot of dimensions, from the company up to the police, from the "nuclear state" up to the question of peace, from the destruction of the environment up to the new technologies, from the freedom to express one's opinion up to the right to demonstrate, from unemployment up to the social outclassing, from the numerous "minorities" up to the equal rights of women which has not been realized by far.

The committee concentrates its field of work and attention mainly on the situation in the Federal Republic of Germany. Exceptions exist of course. Since 1991, the committee has been devoting itself intensively to the political support of peace groups in the former Yugoslavia, the refugee aid as well as the humanitarian and medical support.

We can inform about our committee work described above, upon request, we send our publication list and advice on the possibility of a sponsor membership.


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