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[LAND]Kombinat e.V.

Gatschow 22
17111 Beggerow

Telefon: +49 (3 99 96) 79 98 44
Telefax: +49 (3 99 96) 79 98 46
Adresse e-mail:landkombinat@freiekooperation.org
Interlocuteur: Stefan Raabe

Les Thèmes

The [LAND]Kombinat e. V. supports and encourages cooperative, practical activities, setting up infrastructure together with those directly involved. Of particular concern are:

- The furtherance of communication, collaboration and exchange of experience between different non-profit-making groups and individuals, as well as the creative search for new ways and methods of non-profit-making involvement, including work beyond national borders.
- The advancement of lifelong learning by means of self-enablement, meaning the self-determined acquisition of knowledge and skills based on personal experience, transparent participation and active involvement, irrespective of age and social status.
- The revealing and networking of the knowledge and skills of individuals, places of learning and alternative ways of learning and living.
- The creation of foundations and structures for an environmentally and socially compatible way of life and economy as well as its exemplary implementation, including the active conservation of nature.
- The promotion of healthy nutrition and a healthy way of life as well as lasting and sustainable forms of collaborative health precautions and health care.
- Active aid to youth.
- The advancement of art and culture in daily life.

all on a basis of self supporting and free cooperation.

So far the sole object is the Gatschow Combine: this was set up in early 2005 by Demmin. It is one cell of a network of libertarian, decentralised cooperatives which is still looking for co-workers. It serves as a public basis for free-cooperative action, particularly for local people, and is in close contact with similar projects in neighbouring areas.

On request we can offer overnight accommodation to other net participants. We can also give counselling, and provide contacts in the area of energy technology. Further possibilities of support: the use of local infrastructure (workshop, machines).


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