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Freundeskreis zur Förderung von Entwicklungsprojekten e.V.

Hauptstr. 51
6974 Gaissau

Phone No.: +43 717441315
Fax No.: +43 557871567
Contact person: Dr. Mike Chukwuma


Our organisation is a non-profit-making association for development aid, with its headquarters in Austria. The association was founded in Sept. 1989 and approved by the Vorarlberg Security Board.

98% of our development schemes are in developing nations: support for the education of handicapped pupils, the provision of rice peelers to enable cheaper processing for the village farmers, the construction of wells and of mills for processing agricultural products (rice cassava, palm oil), the building of training workshops and educational centres for handicapped and young people, the provision of interest-free credit for village women in order to buy seeds etc.

Our projects are intended to lead to the people’s independence. Sustainability should therefore be built into the project. For example, our association does not build schools. We have however helped to complete or renovate existing schools, as the state supplies the teachers and takes care of the organisational side. The same goes for the clinic that we have built. The regional government guaranteed us beforehand, that they would provide the salaries of the nurses and the medications.

The aim of our association:

together with our friends and sponsors to find ways of motivating the poor in African villages to take their lives into their own hands. We organise events to raise money for our projects.

The project leader is MMag. Dr. Mike Chukwuma.

We can offer other net participants on request: overnight accommodation, counselling, expert advice, presentations, up-to-date specialist knowledge and contacts in the area of our work.


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