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Gerardo Pablo Apud Vanini

Ruta 8 km 37.
91002 Empalme Olmos. Canelones

Telefon: +59 8022956006
Adresse e-mail:gerolmos@adinet.com.uy
Interlocuteur: Gerardo Pablo Apud Vanini

Les Thèmes

I am an agricultural engineer, and live in a country area in Uruguay. In addition I work in the visual arts and in agriculture. Since I took my exams 23 years ago, I have belonged to various groups, initiatives and environment agencies which have the objective of developing a more harmonious way of life. One topic which particularly interests me is the creation of rural "holistic" communities. The idea behind this is the founding of a way of life which is an alternative to life in the town, which is worsening daily. From 1994 to 2007 I was the leader of a group of interdisciplinary technologists. We carried out projects on agricultural production, and based on these I would also focus on the development of community proposals.

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