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Österreichischer Auslandsdienst (Austrian Service Abroad)

Hetzgasse 11/13
1030 Wien

Telefon: +43 650 587 57 85
Adresse e-mail:christian.lechner@auslandsdienst.at
Interlocuteur: Lechner, Christian, u. Kroll, Gabriel

Les Thèmes

Austrian Service Abroad offers those doing their mandatory civilian service the chance of exercising global responsibility at home and abroad.

Placements are divided into three main groups: Memorial Service is concerned with coming to terms with the holocaust and Austria’s complicity in it. Social Duty approaches the social and economic development of needy countries. Peace Duty supports projects aiming to end armed conflicts and to secure peace.

There are about 60 cooperating organisations worldwide, where those interested in serving abroad make use of their abilities. At the same time, they get to know another culture and can further inter-cultural dialogue and exchange.

The period of preparation usually lasts several years, and gives prospective workers an optimal, multi-faceted exposure to their forthcoming place of duty. It is under the direction of Dr. Andreas Maislinger, who founded Austrian Service Abroad in 1992 and is the president.

Discussions and active exchange among co-workers are encouraged during the monthly state meetings as well as during national projects and congresses.
It is with this background that each worker abroad represents Austria’s global responsibilities for 12 months.

More information at: www.auslandsdienst.at

Voluntary service within the scope of Austrian Service Abroad: Austrian Service Abroad offers volunteers, ie. those not on mandatory civilian duty, to procure situations abroad at our places of employment. Thus all interested qualified people, women in particular, have the chance of showing social involvement by working abroad. More information at: www.auslandsdienst.at/freiwillige

Memorial Service:

“I am following the work of the Memorial Service with great interest. This initiative has my full support.” Simon Wiesenthal

Someone working on Memorial Service is concerned with the victims of Nazism and the Shoa. Work at the numerous holocaust memorials throughout the world consists mainly of the planning and implementation of guided tours and lectures at universities and schools, as well as having conversations with contemporary witnesses and dealing with documents from the time, so that these experiences do not get forgotten. This intensive work provides those working in Memorial Service with a deep insight into this complex topic and at the same time allows them to make their personal contributions to an important initiative.

Social Duty:

“I think it makes a lot of sense for young Austrians to go abroad, make their skills available there, and to learn the hard way how difficult it is being a foreigner.” Dietmar Schönherr

Those doing social duty work are in the service of an organization engaged in the economic and social development of a country. These activies range from working with street children to taking part in water supply projects or doing educational work or the care of refugees. A helping hand in these situations is increasingly important. Thus those doing social duty are offered the chance of being posted almost anywhere in the world, to contribute to an improvement in the quality of life of the people there.

Peace Duty:

“That people should become ambassadors, spreading the message of Heroshima in their own land by working for a year here – that’s what I wish for.”
Tadaomi Saito, President of the Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation

Someone doing Peace Duty works on projects dedicated to achieving or securing peace in areas of conflict. The Peace Duty worker can actively support people as they strive to resolve tensions and conflicts by analysing the situation as regards human rights, by organising workshops and common initiatives involving the conflicting parties. Through their personal involvement they can bring the aim of peaceful co-existence a little nearer. This makes Peace Duty an important contribution to our society.

We are pleased to make contacts with other organisations through Netzkraftwerk and we hope to get to know new partners so that we can build up further opportunities for cooperation. We will pass prospective workers on to our appropriate department.


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