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María de las Cárceles

Asociación Civil sin fines de lucro

Av. del Libertador 409
1001 Buenos Aires

Phone No.: +54- (011) 15 5475 2523
Fax No.:
Contact person: von Kaull, Adriana


Mission and objectives: to offer prisoners the opportunity of serving their terms usefully, and to show that he who comes empty-handed has within himself the possibility of a better life.


- changing the paradigm “prison = university of crime”
- offering education and work in the prisons, related to the prisoners’ release.

How do we achieve this?

- Companies donate computers
- They can be recycled in the prisons
- They are given to schools who have no computers.


We are establishing two training workshops for released prisoners, youths and inmates’ families at our headquarters at Av. del Libertador 405.

Workshop for the construction of wooden educational toys for sighted and non-sighted children. These training workshops will be set up for released prisoners and youngsters from Children’s Homes. The aim is to offer a dignified route into the world of work, by means of courses and work placements provided by the training supervisor Gonzalo Arbuti, from the toys workshop.

Tailoring workshop: family members of prisoners with whom we have contact will work here. The aim is that they undertake something independently, in order to be able to work for their future. Requirements: sewing machines, thread, needles, fabric remnants, wool, scissors etc.

On request we can offer the following to other net participants: advice, presentations, up-to-date information on prisons and DDHH.


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