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Menschenrechte für die Frau

Brunnenstraße 128
13355 Berlin

Phone No.: +49-(0)30 / 40 50 46 99-0
Fax No.: +49-(0)30 / 40 50 46 99-99
Contact person: Stolle, Christa


TERRE DES FEMMES has been working since 1981 as a non-profit-making human rights organisation for the rights of women and girls. The association organises and carries out nationwide campaigns eg against crimes of honour, genital mutilation and other violations of human rights. Active women give presentations about causes, provide information and lesson materials for schools and appeal over and over again for signatures on petitions. These activities have put TERRE DES FEMMES in the role of experts on certain topics and even government representatives seek our advice.

TERRE DES FEMMES maintains contact with women’s organisations throughout the world. We work closely with other human rights organisations as well as church assemblies.

TERRE DES FEMMES campaigns for women and girls to be able to live a self-determined life with equal rights and that they should enjoy unchallengeable rights.

The organisation has almost 2800 members, with many women active in town groups nationwide. These women work on a voluntary basis. In cooperation with the national party headquarters, the groups inform the public about exploitation, abuse and persecution of women by means of information events and stalls, work with the media, lobbying, presentations and petitions.

TERRE DES FEMMES maintains an archive which can be used after consultation with us.

The following topics have been the main focus of TERRE DES FEMMES’ work for human rights for many years:

- Genital mutilation
- Violence in the name of honour / forced marriages
- Social rights of female textile workers
- Trafficking in women and forced prostitution
- Domestic violence

Christa Stolle is the president of TERRE DES FEMMES.

On request we can make a presentation for other net participants, provide up-to-date expert information and contacts in the area of women’s rights.


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