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Wolf Dobermann – Gräfl. Fuggersche´s Forsthaus

Waldreichenbach 1
89290 Buch/Ritzisried

Phone No.: + 49 (0)7343/217
Fax No.: + 49 (0)7343/217
Contact person: Dobermann, Wolf


Life in our times means finding ourselves in a state of perpetual flux. Constant upheaval and continuous change are the consequence. It is not always easy to find the best way to conduct ourselves amid this interplay of ever varying influences and conditions. However, we can find a way of looking at things from another perspective. In doing so, we find that room for something new emerges. This unencumbered territory ought to form a basis for our new co-existence.

A new consciousness is a logical consequence of this co-existence. This will increasingly release us from our old identities with their thoughts, feelings and physical states. The present moment will play a larger role, the fascination of life, of pure existence. This new consciousness, once awoken, will spark off others and will become the basis for a new quality of life.

The discovery of the endless possibilities offered by this process of change is something we would like to share with other people. Everyone involved will be inspired by the effortlessness and vibrancy of this new consciousness. The new bond brings about an undreamt of intensity to life. All this is happening in many parts of the world and we in Waldreichenbach, with space outdoors, want to make our contribution, so that inner change can take place more easily – a room for being. Together with our fellow man.

Other net participants can stay overnight. In addition, we can, on request, give counselling, make a presentation, provide contacts and up-to-date information in the field of our work to other net participants. With advanced notice we can offer like-minded people the opportunity of coming together in an atmosphere which close to nature (no luxury).


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