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Mensch trau Dich

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Telefon: +49 (0) 7433 - 26 08 348, 0172 76 23 498
Adresse e-mail:info@mensch-trau-dich.com
Interlocuteur: Grossmann, Edward

Les Thèmes

The website of the “You can do it!” initiative offers a wealth of information and thought-provoking ideas for improving increasingly poor living and working conditions. Anyone can make an important contribution by incorporating their own constructive ideas. “You can do it!” is an initiative to encourage people to be confident of their own ability. Edward Grossmann seeks to stimulate the development of self confidence and courage through his texts and links.

The aim of this initiative is to raise public awareness of the need for more courage and individual responsibility.

We are the people and we have the power to stand up for our statutory rights by any peaceful non-violent means.

The paramount objective “Human dignity is inviolable” is one of the most important laws in our democratic constitution and must be guaranteed for every citizen in this country.

We are the people and we all share the responsibility for the wealth of this country not being available to only a certain segment of the population. We have come to accept that more and more people in this country have become impoverished and written off, no longer seeing any way to live a life of dignity.

The unemployed, who are excluded, who fail to find long-term fulfilling work which provides the income they need, feel they are being treated like scum!

We, as those in the majority, have continually and emphatically to remind the politicians we have voted in of their oath “For the good of all the people” and see to it that their electoral promises are really put into practice.

Our elected politicians must be prevented from becoming just pawns and puppets of the greed of high finance.

Increasing exploitation and job losses have long since reached the critical point – it’s time for action.

For other net participants I can make a presentation or provide contacts in my field of work on request.


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