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Villa Jühling e.V.

Blumenau 10a
06120 Halle

Telefon: +49 345/2905319
Telefax: +49 345/2901070
Adresse e-mail:larana@anhalt.net
Interlocuteur: Baatzsch, Martin und Becker, Helmut

Les Thèmes

The Dö-Mak barter circle wants to work against the fact that the owner of money has an unjustified advantage over the owner of goods: he collects interest for his money which the one who has no money has to pay. The barter circle organizes the exchange of services and it is exchanged and set off whatever both exchanging partners accept: repair of bicycles, wallpapering, baby-sitting, cinema cards or tomatoes from one's own cultivation, but even the collaboration in associations which otherwise is in an honorary capacity can be paid with DöMak.

Pupils, students and young persons who would like to improve their financial budget by assistance in associations etc. and doing reasonable work at the same time can profit from a membership in the barter circle, moreover private persons who are interested in an improvement of the economic system, unemployed persons who can get access to economic advantages and find new social contacts by the exchange of their talents which otherwise would degenerate, associations, small companies and municipal institutions which due to the tense financial situation are looking for new forms of a regional business promotion and want to win new honorary members at the same time.

Helmut Becker, a priest in Halle, is the initiator of the DöMak-barter circle of Halle, whose public relations man is Martin Baatzsch, whose fields of interest are also additional monetary systems.

After prior agreement, overnight accommodations are offered for other net participants, we can give expert advice, hold lectures, communicate specialist information and arrange for contacts referring to the topics: alternative monetary and economic models, barter circles, foundation of associations and management issues.


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