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Proyecto Bibliotecas Guatemala

6a Avenida Norte # 41-B
3001 Antigua Guatemala

Phone No.: +502 78322998
Fax No.: +502 78320860
Contact person: Rigoberto Zamora Charuc


PROBIGUA is a non profit family organisation which was founded in the awareness of the reality of the way we live in our country.

Our main objective is to advance literacy and thus improve the level of education in the country and contribute to enabling more Guatemalans to raise their standard of living.

We have sponsored 16 public libraries, 10 school libraries, 18 computer centres and 2 mobile libraries and in 15 years we have financed schooling for hundreds of young people.

Our Spanish Academy has made a major contribution toward the self-financing of our project, thus every pupil is automatically a participant in the project. Our motto: "We're changing Guatemala book by book."

On request we can offer other net participants: lectures, assistance with contacts in the field of education.


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