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Asociacion Civil Todos por Todos

cd. French 1789
2000 Rosario, Santa Fe

Telefon: +54 0341 4372733
Adresse e-mail:todosportodos@hotmail.com
Interlocuteur: DAgostino, Laura

Les Thèmes

Our association "All for All" continues to work for the recognition of children's rights in our country, Argentina. It is hard going, but we are confidently committed to it. We have been working on children's problems - eg. child abuse and sexual abuse - since 2002.

Our institutional aim is to prevent and investigate child abuse and sexual abuse and to support the children affected.


- Interdisciplinary work
- Psychotherapeutic treatment rooms
- Group play rooms
- Individual workshops
- Work in the family environment / workshops

Laura Dagostino is the president of Todos por Todos.

On request we can offer othe net participants: advice, lectures, up-to-date information, assistance with contacts. Further offer of support: exchange of research results achieved so far.


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