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Gesellschaft für Zukunftsmodelle und Systemkritik e.V. - GZS

Ecksteins Hof 50
45721 Haltern am See

Adresse e-mail:Werner.Mittelstaedt-GZS@t-online.de
Interlocuteur: Mittelstaedt, Werner

Les Thèmes

The "GZS" was founded in 1977 by citizens of Gelsenkirchen with the objective to point out to dangers and problems of international society and to look for alternatives with the methods of futurology who can help the decision-makers in our society as an aid to orientation. The "GZS" is the oldest organization of its kind with members from all over Germany and numerous national and international contacts.

Summary of the tasks:
- Promotion and distribution of knowledge which is important for the future
- Events and publications for futurology and peace studies
- Exchange of knowledge and experience with similar organizations, alternative movements, female and male citizens
- Dialogue with personalities and organizations from science, technology, politics and culture

Their work consists among other things of a fair distribution of resources, contributions to the discussion about the environment and future compliance of mankind, studies of future compliance against the background of the North-South-disparity, quantitative versus qualitative growth, standards of value, moral and future ethics, new social movements, studies about isolation and loneliness of man, chaos theory, cosmopolitanism and United Nations.

Werner Mittelstaedt, born in 1954, in his function as a future and peace researcher, is the founder and chairman of the "GZS". In this capacity he is co-publisher of the magazine "Blickpunkt Zukunft (focus future) - a magazine with articles and contemporary documents on the discussion about the future and peace" which has been published in the internet even as whole text edition since edition 35 and which has appeared since 1980, and a very demanded referee on questions about keeping of the peace and future. Apart from numerous publications in magazines and newspapers, he is an author of various books on future-relevant subjects. Among other things, his work is focused on: chaos theory, theory of self-organization of complex systems, politics for the future, world economy, North-South-problems and human rights.

Within the framework of the subjects of our work, we offer lectures and communicate up-to-date specialist information and arrange for contacts.


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