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Fundación Ad-honorem

Sinclair 3165 PB "C"
(CP 1425) Buenos Aires

Phone No.: +54-11 4778-9512
Fax No.: +54-11 4778-9512
Contact person: Caro, Guillermo


The Ad-honorem trust is an NGO which has set itself the objective of professionalizing communication relating to public welfare, and thus to organize it more effectively, and to develop a network of co-operation which will synchronize the services offered in the area of communication at the request of social organizations, in which existing experience, information and work will be combined.

Ad-honorem is an organization which offers solutions, instruments and financial support to campaigns serving social purposes.There is a comprehensive platform and a virtual campus for the qualification of publicity specialists and organisations. The network Publicity Specialists Unlimited was founded and currently has 360 members throughout the world, among whom are very well-known personalities. The latest campaigns dealt with the topics AIDS, tsunami, a smoke-free life.

More than a hundred communication strategies and local, regional and worldwide campaigns have been developed in the last 15 years, for organizations such as Amnesty International, UNO, ACNUR, UNICEF, Greenpeace, Ashoka, Ärzte der Welt, Save Africa, Habitat para la Humanidad, Save the Children, SOS Kinderdorf, WWF, Idealist, Ecoclubes. The Trust's work has been acclaimed at international festivals (eg. ECCHO Award, London Festival, NewYork Festival, Cannes, Clío Award, etc.).

Guillermo Caro is the director of the trust. He sees his strength to lie in bringing together people, organizations, establishments, ideas that they are always a step ahead in solving social problems and thus can work more effectively. In this he is glad to put himself at the disposal of other net participants.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, lectures, up-to-date information, help with contacts in this field of work.


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