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Asociación Civil Salud Activa

Av. Presidente Perón 25140
1722 Merlo - Buenos Aires

Telefon: +54 220 4828418
Telefax: +54 220 4861180
Adresse e-mail:saludactiva@saludactiva.org.ar
Interlocuteur: Müller, Maria Beatriz

Les Thèmes

Salud Activa is involved in the support of vocational training and psychological, social and legal research. The society was founded in 1999, and professionally qualified people work in it. Priority is given to the work within the network, at an interdisciplinary as well as an interconstitutional level. Planned and completed projects:

- Aid program: preliminary and advanced training, free of charge, for specialist workers. This takes place within a limited period of time, whereby people with limited financial resources can be offered psychological, psychopedagogic, social or legal aid. In this way we have trained some 300 specialists, and deal with c.500 people weekly. In this connection we work together with schools and the courts.
- "Metamorphosis" Program: This is directed at young adult women in need of instruction and integrated treatment. As a rule, they are victims of sexual abuse.
- "Learn to Fly" Program: This is directed at young people who have come into conflict with the law. It is run on a non-residential basis, with workshops and including the participation of the families.
- Study groups on the topic of child abuse: bibliographic research and work with clinic cases. Provision of technical requirements for diagnosis and therapy.
- CITA: Centre for early detection and aid, with the aim of discovering developmental problems in children.
- "Agreed silence" Program: developed in 2004/05 and aimed at sensitization to the subject of violence within the family. Provision of prevention and treatment centres, of which there are now 14, in Buenos Aires and in disadvantaged outskirts where cases of domestic violence often occur. This program is financed by PROFAM and monitored by the national women's council, which is under the direction of the President.
- 'Family Affiliation' Program: directed at families who are supported in the upbringing of their children by other families. Here assistance is given to cases at risk. Due to lack of money, this project could no longer be continued after 2 years..

Further education in workshops and various establishments on the subject of violence within the family, child abuse, drug addiction, professional orientation, AIDS, early pregnancy, therapeutic treatment etc.
n addition, we carry out the further education of teachers, since our establishment belongs to the National Network of Advanced Teacher Training of the province of Buenos Aires.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, lectures, up-to-date information, help with contacts in the area of child abuse, violence within the family, youth, childhood, psychological support.


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