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Ökowerk e.V.

Interessengemeinschaft ökologisch orientierter Selbständiger und Betriebe

Liebigstr. 11-13
40721 Hilden

Adresse e-mail:info@oekowerk.com
Interlocuteur: Kittel, Frank

Les Thèmes

"Ökonomie + Ökologie = ökowerk" (economy + ecology = eco-works): This is the short formula with which we started in 1987. We, these are companies from Düsseldorf and its surroundings which now as before practise self-administration and who feel obliged to the ecological movement. More or less confronted with the same problems, we formed a community of interests, self-administered and ecologically oriented firms whose objective is to take care of company and social matters of their members. Among other things:

- the preparation of a file of consultants who are experienced in the special problems of self-administered companies,
- the organization of seminars for further education within the company,
- the publication of the information service "ökomaerker" where information from the fields of economy, law and taxes are regularly published in a short form.
- and finally - as the most important service - the establishment of an own pension plan which makes it possible for the members to set up a company pension scheme at extremely favourable conditions.

Since the foundation, more than 1,000 companies have become members and down to the present day they have organized their pension scheme completely or partly with us.

The membership in "ökowerk" makes insurances in the group possible at special conditions: administration and collections are taken over by "ökowerk" and so they are considerably cheaper. This cost saving leads to very favourable premiums and extremely high benefits. The application procedure is considerably simplified. The accumulated saved amounts from the old-age pension can be placed at the disposable of the Ökobank e.G. as long-term refinancing means which means there are more credit resources for self-administered companies. The "ökowerk" is herewith an important member of the so-called "other circular flow of money", which demonstrates the new political identity of the firms to the public.

The ökö-pension scheme was established in 1988 by the "Kollektive Versicherungsagentur Versiko GmbH", ((group insurance agency Versiko, limited liability company) one of the founding companies of the association. Versiko GmbH guarantees a continuous and ell-informed service.

We give expert advice, lectures and communicate up-to-date specialist information and arrange for contacts referring to the subjects ecological money investments and insurances.


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