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Self-Supporting Rural Development (SESURUDEV)

Box 31225

Telefon: +237 96847084
Adresse e-mail:sesurudev@yahoo.fr
Interlocuteur: Aloysius Njie Ajua

Les Thèmes

The Self-Supporting Rural Development (SESURUDEV) is a non profit welfare organization concerned with sustainable rural development and the urban jobless poor. It was created by volunteers who are striving to bring practical solutions on poverty alleviation.

Areas of interventions:

- crop farming,
- livestock,
- pisciculture,
- women's home economics,
- environment,
- microcredits to both the rural and urban poor,
- HIV/AIDS sensitisation campaigns,
- internet promotion,
- printing of SESURUDEV published manuals,
- goats to poor farmers etc.

We call for the solidarity of the rich towards the poor in this our global village, PLANET EARTH.

Mr. Aloysius Njie Ajua is the President of the organization.

For other net participants we can offer expert guidance through trained staff and deliver a lecture in the field of our work.


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