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Canadian Living Foundation

164 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 400
Toronto, Ontario M4P 1G4

Phone No.: +(416) 487 1046
Fax No.: +(416) 487 1837
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BREAKFAST FOR LEARNING, Canadian Living Foundation, is the only national non-profit organization which is solely dedicated to supporting child nutrition programs in Canada. We rely upon a volunteer board of directors, a small staff and thousands of volunteers to carry out our work. BREAKFAST FOR LEARNING does not own or operate any of the programs we support. All the programs are created and sustained by a network of dedicated volunteers, many of them parents of children participating in the nutrition programs.

Mission: BREAKFAST FOR LEARNING helps communities to start and sustain successful school nourishment programs. As the nation's lead advocate for quality nutrition in schools, BFL champions a made-in-Canada model that brings together public, private and volunteer sectors to provide nutritious food in caring, family-centred programs. As well, BFL supports ongoing research that demonstrates how good nutrition benefits learning.

BREAKFAST FOR LEARNING supports breakfast, lunch and snack programs in different ways. We coordinate several programs including the Nutrition Grants Program and the Community Partners Program. We also participate in special events and projects aimed at improving the lives of children.

Vision: To ensure that every child in Canada attends school well nourished and ready to learn.

Martha O'Connor is the Executive Director of the organization.

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